Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wimpy yvett

Did you notice the books I'm reading? Yes, I'm reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Alec had been trying to get me to read them for a while. I already read the some of the same books that Brianna reads. After my last book, I wanted something light and entertaining, so I decided to try them. Alec was VERY happy that I was reading "his" books. These are some of his favorites. He's always talking about them and I can hear him laughing when he's reading.
He was right. They're pretty hilarious! I've had a few laugh-out-loud moments already and I'm barely on the second book. I completely recommend them when you're in the mood for a quick read and something not so heavy.

Never judge a book by its movie. ~J.W. Eagan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tire changing humor

Rodrigo got a flat tire today. OK, not such a bad thing, right? Sucks, but nothing major. He called to let me know that although he did have a spare, he had no tools. ARGH!
So I went to take him the tools that were in the garage. I get there and he tells me about a mouse that was in the tire. Now, I guess I wasn't paying attention but I swore he said that a mouse had been living in the tire. He said the mouse looked scared and was sort of panting then he dashed and hid in another tire before finally running out into the desert.
I was pretty grossed out and went to wait in the car. I kept thinking about the stupid mouse, though. I was wondering how Rodrigo knew he had been living in the tire and imagined the mouse had a sort of little nest or something. I don't know. Then I thought it was a good thing that the truck hadn't been in our garage because the mouse might have gotten out and hung out in there. Eww. Then I started wondering how the mouse had made it all the way from our house to Rodrigo's work in that tire. I imagined he'd been asleep when all of a sudden, his new house started spinning and he was just spinning along with it. Then I imagined the mouse running quickly hamster wheel style and it just didn't make sense. I asked Rodrigo how the mouse could have been living in the tire and that's when he told me he hadn't said that. That the mouse had just been standing next to the tire when he got there. So right there in the parking lot, I started cracking up like some sort of idiot. I stayed in the car while Rodrigo finished up with the tire laughing the whole time. I suppose he regretted not having had the tools just that I wouldn't have had to go and sit there laughing.
I'm not mature. What's more is that I posted it on FB (I was bored in the car) and people had imagined the same thing. Hilarious!

One little mouse came out to play gathering crumbs along the way . . .

Monday, May 2, 2011


I love technology. Love it. Unlike some people that see new things as hassles or see the potential dangers of everything, I embrace technology. I'm not going to talk about THE BIG NEWS that happened yesterday, but rather of what happened afterwards. It's strange to think that just a few years ago, we had no idea what things like F@cebook and Tw1tter were. Now, I hear big news and immediately go check out these sites if I'm not already on there. In fact, I heard lots of news on there first.
Last night when I heard the news, I immediately went onto FB, and people were starting to post about it. I grabbed my iPad and went downstairs to the TV. I was watching the news and reading Tw1tter at the same time. I find it amazing to be connected to people all around the world all watching and talking about the same thing.
The first time I really felt this was during last year's World Cup. I was (as I am every four years) HOOKED. The difference this time around was that I could watch "with" my friends from around the world. It was sooooo much fun to know I was watching the same match as friends in other countries, in other time zones, in other continents at the same time! Wow, it blows my mind.
I was blown away again last night on Tw1tter. If you weren't on, you missed out. The posts kept coming and coming from poignant to sad to downright hilarious!
Am I geeking out? Yeah, it happens.

Vorsprung durch technik

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Music Challenge

A friend of mine had challenged me to do a 30 day music challenge on FB. As excited as I was and as much as I wanted to do it, I didn't. Seriously, anything that I HAVE to come up and do on my computer, hardly gets done anymore (i.e. blogging). I wasn't able to post some of the links I wanted using my iPad, so I never finished. Now I think it's just annoying to post a million FB status updates or links at once, so I'l going to finish it here. Because it's my blog and because I can. There.

day 01 - your favorite song
I can't decide on what my all-time favorite song is, so I'll go for a song I really, really, really like right now.
The Cave

day 02 - your least favorite song
Ugh, I'm lucky enough to have never heard this entire song. I googled GE Line Dance Commercial to find out who it was. This song combines two of my least favorite things: line dancing and country music. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
Good Time

day 03 - a song that makes you happy
This song is so adorable and Harriett's voice is lovely, how can someone not be happy listening to it?

day 04 - a song that makes you sad
I was indifferent to this song but then it was used for the coverage of JFK Jr's funeral. I always think of that when I hear it now.

day 05 - a song that reminds you of someone
This song reminds me of Brianna as a baby. She used to sing the chorus and even had a little dance to it. It was really cute for such a girly toddler to go around singing Johnny Cash.
Ring of Fire

day 06 - a song that reminds you of somewhere
I was 13 or 14 and we'd gone to Hermosillo to visit my grandfather's relatives. I spent that whole trip with my Walkman listening to The Stone Roses.
Made of Stone

day 07 - a song that reminds you of a certain event
2004, I think. We'd bought a house and were moving. The lovely Giao had sent me a gift package for my birthday which included a CD with this song. As I was back and forth from house to house, I kept listening to this song as well as Sing from Travis.
City of Love

Here's where I had stopped. Now for the rest . . .

day 08 - a song that you know all the words to
I know the words to countless songs. Here's just the lastest song I was singing along to and know all the words to.
Hang Me Up To Dry

day 09 - a song that you can dance to
Wow. I actually found footage of my old dance group. I was in it 75 years ago, pre internet video days. I'm surprised to recognize people in the group. In case you're wondering, the guys are a snake in this dance. Hence the odd movements and the shrieking girls.
La Culebra

day 10 - a song that makes you fall asleep
Without a doubt.

day 11 - a song from your favorite band
Although Incubus and Pixies are close, my all-time fave has to be U2. I'm posting a song I always get a "I've never heard this song" about.
Three Sunrises

day 12 - a song from a band you hate
Ugh. Let me wash out my ears.
How You Remind Me

day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure
Come on, you can't blame me, can you.

day 14 - a song that no one would expect you to love
Most people know I love Alt Rock but I like some hard rock songs as well. I loved this one.
Bat Country

day 15 - a song that describes you
Hmm, this has pretentious potential. I'll stick with this one. . .
Where is My Mind

day 16 - a song that you used to love but now hate
I loved it for a little while now can't stand to hear it.
The Impression That I Get

day 17 - a song that you hear often on the radio
ALL the time when we listen to the kids' station. Ugh.
Whip My Hair

day 18 - a song that you wish you heard on the radio
I hardly hear this on the radio. I wish it was on more.

day 19 - a song from your favorite album
I used to have this on cassette and wore it out more than once. I loved, loved, loved this album.

day 20 - a song that you listen to when you’re angry
It's nice to be a bit angry sometimes, no?
Chop Suey

day 21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy
Isn't this song just perfect?!

day 22 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad
Uh, this is such a good, depressing song. A perfect song to listen to when you want to wallow for a while.

day 23 - a song that you want to play at your wedding
Well I'm already married. I think this is an ideal wedding song, though.

day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral
That's kind of grim to think about. Still, I always thought this would make a good funeral song. Then I knew a kid who sang it to his mom at her funeral. Heartbreaking.
Mother's of the Disappeared

day 25 - a song that makes you laugh
It still does.

day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument
It was one of the first songs I learned. I still remember it.
Lightly Row

day 27 - a song that you wish you could play
Growing up I wanted to be Kim Deal of the Pixies. I wish I could play bass like her.

day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty
Not a huge story, just a college-age break-up. : S It just reminds me of then.
The Freshman

day 29 - a song from your childhood
Heck yeah, I loved them AND knew this dance.

day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year
I heard this song SOOOO much last year. I got myself tired of it.
The High Road

There! I finally finished! As much as I love music, this meme was a chore!

And how much did you pay for your rock n roll t-shirt that proves you were there that you heard of them first . . .