Monday, May 2, 2011


I love technology. Love it. Unlike some people that see new things as hassles or see the potential dangers of everything, I embrace technology. I'm not going to talk about THE BIG NEWS that happened yesterday, but rather of what happened afterwards. It's strange to think that just a few years ago, we had no idea what things like F@cebook and Tw1tter were. Now, I hear big news and immediately go check out these sites if I'm not already on there. In fact, I heard lots of news on there first.
Last night when I heard the news, I immediately went onto FB, and people were starting to post about it. I grabbed my iPad and went downstairs to the TV. I was watching the news and reading Tw1tter at the same time. I find it amazing to be connected to people all around the world all watching and talking about the same thing.
The first time I really felt this was during last year's World Cup. I was (as I am every four years) HOOKED. The difference this time around was that I could watch "with" my friends from around the world. It was sooooo much fun to know I was watching the same match as friends in other countries, in other time zones, in other continents at the same time! Wow, it blows my mind.
I was blown away again last night on Tw1tter. If you weren't on, you missed out. The posts kept coming and coming from poignant to sad to downright hilarious!
Am I geeking out? Yeah, it happens.

Vorsprung durch technik

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