Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kung Fu 2

I swear my dentist as a kid was some sort of scammer. He was forever billing my parents and wanting to do all sorts of treatments we didn't need. I TRIED telling my parents several time, but I think they thought I was just avoiding the dentist. I wasn't. Now as an adult, they recently said I may have been right. He was sort of shady.

On the other hand, my kids love their dentist. Seriously. Alec actually said those words. I don't think I've ever heard another kid say that. It's just not natural for a kid to speak those words, no? His dentists (there's two that see him, it just depends on the day) are mommies and know exactly how to talk to kids. I can't describe how awesome they are because you'd have to see it, but here's an example of how cool they are . . .

They bought out a theater today and invited their patients to go see Kung Fu P@nda 2. Yes. They. Did. Do you know what my shyster dentist ever game me? Nothing. Not even a toothbrush, nothing. Yeah, and they invited all four of us. Isn't that just the best? Needless to say, we're not switching.

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting. Those cats were fast as lightning . . . .

Friday, June 3, 2011

what are little boys made of

I never told the kids that some items were for boys and others for girls. I didn't specify colors or toys. Yet, they liked what they liked. Brianna always wanted dolls and princess things while Alec has always liked cars and robots and such. Once he started school, he would no longer use pink or purple cups or princess plates. At his age, girls pretty much have cooties. So it was pretty funny that he came up to me and said that he had a confession to make. I asked him what it was (thinking he had broken something) and he said that he had to confess that he sort of liked the Littlest Pet Shop. I didn't laugh but instead told him that it was quite alright to like them. They're cute little toys about animals and there was nothing wrong with them. He went on to say that they were "for girls" and he shouldn't like them. I explained that they pets and both boys and girls can like pets.
Brianna had actually let him pick out three from her collection to keep as his own. I thought this was nice and that the Pet Shop collection she has would at least get some more use out of it.
A little while later, I see Alec playing with this . . .

It turns out that he picked a car for each of the pets he chose and they all travel around in that blue trailer behind them. Oy. Boys will be boys.

. . . frogs and snail and puppy-dogs tails.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And speaking of day trips

This past weekend, we took the kids to Tombstone for Wyatt Earp days. I suppose that living in Arizona, we really have no good excuse for not having gone before. The town celebrates Wyatt Earp days on Memorial Day weekend, so off we went. They loved it. Alec couldn't open his eyes any wider when the gun fights started right in front of us. The kiddies got to have their picture taken with the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday.
It's quite a charming little town and a part of history, so I'm glad we went. We were able to see the OK Coral and walk the town. The kids were hanged in the town square and have their certificate to prove it. This is a definite must-see if you're out in this part of the country

"Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Earp, brave courageous and bold. Long live his fame and long live his glory and long may his story be told."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New month/Summer Break

June already!!!! This year is flying by! So, it's the first of the month, so here are the things I do . . .

1. Go to Smashing Magazine to change my desktop background. This month I chose "Colorful Summer".

2. Fill out my calendar for upcoming activities this month. June is significantly less filled than May was. That's a good thing!

3. Commit to blogging every day for the next month and undoubtedly fail miserably.

4. Monthly house cleaning chores (vacuum the vents, clean switch plates, wash garbage cans, dust the ceiling fans, vacuum inside the couches).

Plus, the kiddies and I are on summer break, so we're doing things we normally only do at this time of year. . .

1. Clean out the drawers and closet to get rid of clothes that don't fit anymore. (I do this for sure in the summer, sometimes during winter break too)

2. Get the kiddies ready for their vacation (Grandma LOVES to travel. Now that we kids are grown up, she takes along the grandkids)

3. Attempt to clear out the garage. Ugh. I think I'd almost rather just leave it open someday and let the burglars help themselves.

4. Various check-ups and appointments.

It's Summer Break! This also means . . .

1. Soccer camp for Alec. Brianna opted out this year.

2. The kids eat and eat and eat, so we often prepare snacks: frozen grapes (their FAVE), fruit salads, raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips (for dessert), watermelon slices, etc.

3. Summer reading.

4. Day trips.

5. Pajama days of doing nothing and just hanging out. My fave.

"School's out for summer. School's out forever" (or in our case at least for the next month and a half.)