Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tire changing humor

Rodrigo got a flat tire today. OK, not such a bad thing, right? Sucks, but nothing major. He called to let me know that although he did have a spare, he had no tools. ARGH!
So I went to take him the tools that were in the garage. I get there and he tells me about a mouse that was in the tire. Now, I guess I wasn't paying attention but I swore he said that a mouse had been living in the tire. He said the mouse looked scared and was sort of panting then he dashed and hid in another tire before finally running out into the desert.
I was pretty grossed out and went to wait in the car. I kept thinking about the stupid mouse, though. I was wondering how Rodrigo knew he had been living in the tire and imagined the mouse had a sort of little nest or something. I don't know. Then I thought it was a good thing that the truck hadn't been in our garage because the mouse might have gotten out and hung out in there. Eww. Then I started wondering how the mouse had made it all the way from our house to Rodrigo's work in that tire. I imagined he'd been asleep when all of a sudden, his new house started spinning and he was just spinning along with it. Then I imagined the mouse running quickly hamster wheel style and it just didn't make sense. I asked Rodrigo how the mouse could have been living in the tire and that's when he told me he hadn't said that. That the mouse had just been standing next to the tire when he got there. So right there in the parking lot, I started cracking up like some sort of idiot. I stayed in the car while Rodrigo finished up with the tire laughing the whole time. I suppose he regretted not having had the tools just that I wouldn't have had to go and sit there laughing.
I'm not mature. What's more is that I posted it on FB (I was bored in the car) and people had imagined the same thing. Hilarious!

One little mouse came out to play gathering crumbs along the way . . .

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