Friday, June 3, 2011

what are little boys made of

I never told the kids that some items were for boys and others for girls. I didn't specify colors or toys. Yet, they liked what they liked. Brianna always wanted dolls and princess things while Alec has always liked cars and robots and such. Once he started school, he would no longer use pink or purple cups or princess plates. At his age, girls pretty much have cooties. So it was pretty funny that he came up to me and said that he had a confession to make. I asked him what it was (thinking he had broken something) and he said that he had to confess that he sort of liked the Littlest Pet Shop. I didn't laugh but instead told him that it was quite alright to like them. They're cute little toys about animals and there was nothing wrong with them. He went on to say that they were "for girls" and he shouldn't like them. I explained that they pets and both boys and girls can like pets.
Brianna had actually let him pick out three from her collection to keep as his own. I thought this was nice and that the Pet Shop collection she has would at least get some more use out of it.
A little while later, I see Alec playing with this . . .

It turns out that he picked a car for each of the pets he chose and they all travel around in that blue trailer behind them. Oy. Boys will be boys.

. . . frogs and snail and puppy-dogs tails.

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