Thursday, January 6, 2011

I warned her . . .

Brianna's closet could no longer be opened. I'd told her countless times to please clean it out. As always, I suppose she assumed I'd get tired and just go in there and do it myself. I get a lot of "but you don't leave things where I can find them" and "but you throw away everything" but ultimately, she ends up not having to clean it herself. This time, as much as it's bothering me, I'm not going to clean it. Once again, I. Am. Not. Going. To. Clean. It.
She had plenty of time over break to do it. She didn't. I warned her that next up, I'd be taking pictures and showing her friends. (insert evil laugh here) I walked into her room a little while ago and saw her upside-down on her bed on the phone.
Notice the unmade bed, and the clothes and backpack on the bed. Eww.

But I guess you're telling yourself that I'm making a big deal and am probably exaggerating. Oh yeah? Bam!

Yes. That's her room right now. All that was stuffed into her closet. Notice the JCPenney bag full of old papers she's "going to throw out". Yuck. I think she's auditioning for an episode of tween hoarders. I'm {{this close}} to just going in there and throwing things out/cleaning things up myself, but I know that's what she's waiting for. It's an old fashioned stand-off and I'm not backing down. My next move, I'll post these pics onto her FB account. If that doesn't work, I'll tag all her friends (insert full-out cackle here).
I'd like to take this time to thank the technology world for not having invented blogs and/or FB when I was a kid. Whew!

"Put to bed the son and sister moon. I'll be hiding in your dirty room".

It's clean! It's super clean and the closet is sooooo organized. I LOVE it!


  1. Oh that is just hilarious. I don't know how my mom handled my room when I was a teen! Ugh I would pull my hair out!
    Good thing my kids will never be like that. Certainly, they'll be tidy little creatures forever. Right? RIGHT???