Tuesday, January 10, 2012

so very pinteresting

Let's just dive right in and pretend that I haven't neglected my blog (yet again) for several months, shall we? Let's talk about Pinterest. I'm hooked, are you? I realize that I may be a little late talking about this. It seems that everyone has jumped on the pinning wagon. I've had my account for over a year now and am proud to say that I HAVE actually made several of the things I've pinned thankyouverymuch.
Some of the cliches I've heard about Pinterest are that it's a time suck and that people pin things that they never make. I can honestly say that the latest dinner parties I've attended and hosted were pretty much Pinterest parties. In fact, tonight's dinner is courtesy of a pin (slow cooked ginger chicken over rice). So anyway, take a look at my boards if you'd like, follow me or let me know if you need an invitation. I'll send you one pronto!

See my pins here.

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