Monday, January 3, 2011

mellow yvett

I had a massage today and I really can't post right now. Let me clarify, I had my first ever professional massage and facial which was my Christmas gift from my amazing husband. I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness. I went here and if you live here, run, don't walk. You want to go to there. So, I'll maybe post details at another time. For now, don't bother me, my Chakras are all balanced. Om.

Of course, I snapped some quick pictures. How could I not? When the therapist left the room so I could a-hem "disrobe", I took a few. Here are the left-over Chakra cards I didn't pick. I chose the first three (missing here) by the card then got to smell each of them without knowing what they were until I picked my favorite. The one I ended up choosing was "Wisdom".

"I haven't felt the way I feel today in so long it's hard for me to specify . . . . "

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