Sunday, January 2, 2011

December 2010 Recap

My family, just like yours, had a pretty busy month. It seems like we all pack so much into the end of the year. We had fantastic highs and suffered a terrible loss of a friend. I think that this loss was a big part of my blog overhaul. With her passing, those of us that knew her were suddenly aware of just how precious life is and how we want to share moments and happy memories with loved ones. Here I'll share some of our December 2010 moments.

- The owners of my favorite restaurant hosted a get-together for 75 of us at their new restaurant. It was a blast! We had to wear ugly Christmas clothes and got the chance to taste their yummy food and cocktails for f-r-e-e! Here's Brian, the owner, giving a speech thanking us for supporting them. They are amazing! If you live in town, you really should go!

Here is our good friend Mike and my husband in their terrible Christmas shirts.

But I was the winner of the best, er, worst dressed by donning this little gem. Jealous?

- We attended Alec's class performance of A Christmas Carol in which Alec played Jacob Marley. Let me add that he took his role very seriously.

- I hosted our 2nd Annual Cookies & Cocktails party where we had yet another sugar overload.

- Alec's soccer team played their last game of the year and wound down for a three week break.

- We attended the lovely Celebration of Life for our dear friend Kim. I cried and cried and cried some more. Then I saw her amazing husband. He's been holding it together and sharing with us. He's been quite gracious. After the service, there was a reception. This was one of the rare moments in which I considered not taking a picture. But I did, in celebration of Kim. She would have loved the service and I would have told her that the food was delicious. Look at Alec enjoying it!

- The night of the Winter Solstice eclipse, we packed the bed of our truck with blankets and pillows and laid out there watching the moon. Alec, half asleep, right at the point when the moon was all red, glanced and said, "Oh yeah, I've seen that before".

- We spent Christmas Eve . . .

. . . and Christmas Day

at home eating, playing and napping.

- We went to Texas to visit our families. Here's Brianna with Great-Grandma (my "Ata")

- Badger must've been a good boy this year. Santa even left presents for him at Grandma's house!

- We had Monopoly games that went well past midnight only to be continued the next day.

- Brianna turned 12! I can't believe it. Can someone please explain to me how I am the mother of a 12 year-old?

-We went out for a hilarious evening of bowling. We were quite terrible but had a great time.

- New Year's Eve was spent at my boss's house. They hosted their 5th Annual Kid Friendly New Year's Eve Party. Here's Brianna with her "fancy drink" (Sprite & grenadine)

- The kids painted their faces and we all played Just Dance 2 on the Wii. It was a night of laughing and snacking and great company. Oh, and yes, you're not truly proud of your child until you see that she painted a martini glass on her forehead.

- Overall, I have to say that December with my family was pretty great. We laughed a lot, were very silly, ate a lot, ate a lot, ate a lot, and hung out. I don't know how it will be tomorrow when we go back to "normal". We've been on break, so we got to the point where we didn't even know what day it was. We haven't woken up at 5:00 AM or had the kids go to bed at 8:00 for over two weeks. Ugh, good luck tomorrow, all!

"And it's been a long December and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last. I can't remember all the times I try to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass".


  1. Great post and I love your new blog :) Welcome back to reality.

    Which puts that song in my head... ahem...

    BACK to life... BACK to re-al-it-y...
    (singing it yet?)

  2. I am so glad you are blogging more. I am sorry for the loss your friend. I experience one of my own this year.

    Great post and a better year than the last to you and your family.

  3. Love you Blog...I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I had a loss of my own my father passed away on Dec 21 so I am still trying to cope with that.
    But Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Hope this New Year is better for all of us!!!