Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eat In Challenge

People have been stopping me on the street, knocking at my door and calling me wanting to find out about this challenge we're doing for January. Too much? OK, a few friends have asked me about this Eat In Challenge I posted about on FB. So, I got the idea from here and it's just what it says, no eating outside food for the entire month of January. At all. None. All meals or snacks must be cooked or prepared at home.
It really interested me, in all honesty, to save money. Plus, I was feeling a little yucky after all the holiday feasting.
So far, it's been going well. If you notice, I've been posting our dinners on the right side -->
I only post dinners because we pretty much always have breakfast here as it is. It is very rare that we'd go out for that. Also, I really don't "cook" breakfast other than on weekends anymore. We have the usuals: cereal, toast, oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, juice and coffee (of course not all on the same day, calm down). For lunch we'll have leftovers or some quick little meal and in the evening I cook dinner.
I was soooooo tempted tonight, though. I was tired and all the recipes I'd planned out for the week seemed like they'd take about 75 million hours of prep. I almost caved. Almost. After a while I reevaluated what I had, changed it up and make some little mini burgers. The kiddies loved them which is always a good thing.
I think it'll be harder on weekends or when we pass right by a Starbucks, but for now, we're hanging in there. Wish us luck!

"Have a banana, Hannah. Try the salami, Tommy. Give with the gravy, Davy. Everyone eats when they come to my house!"

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  1. I love the list of dinners!
    I kinda want to try this. But it's the 6th and I can't remember if I've even out since the 1st so... I quit.
    Ok that's not true.
    Seriously, though... I think my issue would be pizza.
    pizza, pizza, pizza.
    Also, I love that you said "Calm Down" in your post, because I can totally HEAR you saying that, and it makes me giggle.
    Also, I'm in my office... can you hear me giggling.
    Just kidding, I don't comment form work.